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Lantz is a plumbing and site utility contractor based out of Austin, TX.

Established in 2011, Lantz is a pioneer in the plumbing industry by using technology in every aspect of the Project Management and Building process. Weather it’s a small tenant improvement or a large office building, Lantz uses Auto CAD for all dimensions and pipe placement. Recently, Lantz has added 3D layout using the robotic total station for increased accuracy and QA/QC.

Lantz understands that once a contract is signed, the most pivotal part of the project begins, the preparation and planning. It’s at that point that Lantz begins its 27 point checklist called project prep to ensure that all documents, contractual obligations, plans and specifications are reviewed and filed in our cloud based project management software. Lantz has a 2025 goal to complete all projects not using one single piece of paper. This goal is merely an embrace in technology in an industry that is so far behind the curve.

To date, by using technology, we have been able to find mistakes and fix them or notify builders of trade conflicts that have saved thousands of dollars in time and material. Even if other trades are not using technology on a project, by having Lantz on site we become a value add.


Lantz builds all types of projects, large and small, for a diverse clientele. View our projects here.

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